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How to keep your card and keep your secret code?

Your card must always be kept and used with care as it allows you to access your account.

Some rules of good use of the card:

  • Note the number of the card to facilitate opposition when needed.
  • Always store the card in its pocket or wallet after use.
  • Do not leave it near a cell phone.
  • Be careful not to scratch the magnetic strip (black part on the back of the card) and the chip.
  • Of course, do not lend it!
  • The CCA card is a smart card that meets the latest security standards.

The use of the card on the cash machines necessarily requires the entry of the confidential code. This code (equivalent to a signature on a check) delivered in a sealed envelope, even the bank does not know. Memorize it and destroy it immediately, do not write it down anywhere and do not give it to anyone, to your advises, or even to the police. Always enter your code away from prying eyes.

Warning !

Your responsibility is engaged if the card is used by a third party having also knowledge of your confidential code.

If you forget your code, it is possible to ask your bank a new sealed mail containing the code of your card.

When and how to oppose?

You must object if your card is lost or stolen by calling the CCA customer service department at (237) 22 23 32 23. You will be asked for the number of your card, which is why is useful to have noted.
You must then confirm your appeal by a written statement filed against discharge to a CCA agency.

The cardholder must also report the theft or loss to the police or judicial authorities. The receipt of the declaration must be submitted to the CCA.
Once your opposition is registered, the data is updated by the bank, making your card unusable.

Warning !

If the card has been lost and the PIN code is marked, you will be financially liable for fraudulent use of the card.

In case of loss or theft with code, you must order a new card with a new code (renewal fee at your expense);

In case of loss or theft without a code, you must order a new card with a new code (renewal fees at your expense);

If you find your card, it will not be possible to use it again;

Please contact your agency to inform them. If you try to use this card in a distributor, it will be "swallowed" by the machine without restitution possible.

What happens if there is an error in entering the code?

For your protection, after three (03) consecutive errors of entering the code, the card is systematically swallowed by the distributor. To obtain your card in this case, contact your bank which will verify that it is not a stolen card and you will return it.

Contact Info

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  • Tel: (+237) 222228477 / 222238908
  • Call center: (+237) 679009630 / 222518080
  • WhatsApp/SMS: (+237) 698503219
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  • Canada : +14188008358
  • Usa: +16313186084
  • Germany: +494087408242
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