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History of CCA-BANK

Created in Bafoussam in July 1997 following Law N° 92/2006 of 14 August 1992 related to Cooperatives and Common Initiative Groups and the Decree n° 90/445/PM of 23/11/1992, Crédit Communautaire d’Afrique –Bank S.A abbreviated CCA S.A effectively kicked off its activities in 1998 in the form of a Savings and Loan Cooperative.

It conformed to all reforms of the microfinance sector instituted by the regulatory authority and on July 27, 2001, through Decree N° 00347 of the Ministy of the Economy and Finance (now the Ministry of Finance), obtained the approval as a 2nd Category Microfinance Institution (MFI) after the Central Africa Banking Commission’s (COBAC) Approval N° 19044 of January 11, 2001 .

In 2006, CCA became a Limited Company and its capital equally increased from 1 000 000 000 to 2 000 000 000 (two billion) to withstand the growth of its activities, therefore making its way as the Leader of the microfinance landscape in Cameroon.

In 2009, the Executive Board undertook a profound restructuring by appointing a General Manager and two Deputy General Managers, therefore dissociating the functions of the Board Chairman and the General Manager.

In March 2010 CCA at the close of an Extraordinary General Assembly meeting, decided to enlarge its social capital to 5 000 000 000 FCFA. This support of the shareholder Equity allowed the restructuring of its network both on the quantitative and qualitative spheres with the proliferation of 42 agencies scattered over the 10 regions of Cameroon to contain the exponential growth of the ever increasing customer portfolio. In the same vein, in 2012, the enterprise witnessed a technological change with the launch of e-banking, offering three types of withdrawal cards operational on its network of 49 Automatic Teller Machines.

In its perspective towards migrating into a bank, CCA in November 2015 decided to increase its capital from 5 000 000 000 FCFA to 15 000 000 000 FCFA. The partial release augmenting its capital to 10 000 000 000 FCFA in December 2016 allowed them to get the consent of the Central Africa Banking Commission in March 2017 for its approval as a Financial institution.

On May 30 2018, the institution obtained its approval as a Bank under Decree N° 000405MINFI about its transformation from a 2nd Category Microfinance into a universal Bank.

Contact Info

  • Address: 1573 Boulevard Rudolph Manga Bell, Mokolo - PO Box: 30388 Yaounde
  • Tel: (+237) 222228477 / 222238908
  • Call center: (+237) 679009630 / 222518080
  • WhatsApp/SMS: (+237) 698503219
  • Email:

International contact

  • France: +33179972658
  • Canada : +14188008358
  • Usa: +16313186084
  • Germany: +494087408242
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